Week 4 Summary

I thought the video on Annie Leibovitz was interesting. I’ve never heard of her before watching it. Even though she is a celebrated photographer I thought her photos looked awkward, but I guess I’m no expert on photography. It was a delight to see some photos from the 80’s to see the clothing and the hair styles back then seems comical. I also noticed that the mall used to be more of a gathering place than it is today. From some of the photos I saw political triumph, conflict in others. In some cases we have made progress since then and in others little has changed. Political turmoil existed then as it does now.

I found some amusement from the daily activities though I may lack creativity. I also struggled finding assignments that I was capable of doing. My Photoshop skills are limited but I was able to do something simple. I looked through some of my classmates twitters and responded to one of them.

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