Week 5 Summary

I tried listening to the podcast, but when I pressed the play button nothing happened. I also got multiple warnings from my browser that the site was not secure so I didn’t want to spend much time on that site. I found the radio broadcasts to be very interesting. I had never heard of the vanishing statue of liberty. I also found the nuclear incident fascinating and informative on what goes on with nuclear weapons.

I did two daily creates writing my name with one line and finding a consumable product that isn’t sold anymore. I chose different colored ketchup. I also commented a couple of peoples tweets.

I didn’t get any of the assignments done. I didn’t leave my self enough time get stuff done. I did try messing around with audacity. I was attempting to make a story with 6 sound segments but I was unable to cut the sound samples that I downloaded and put them into one continuous play through.


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